Poetically Contagious

Poetically Contagious
Binghamton, New York - R&B

Formed in Binghamton, New York, in February 2010, Poetically Contagious started out as a performance group (with members “J-1,2” and “Captain”) performing at Binghamton University and Alfred University before transcending from the stage to the studio recording the songs “Inspired into Stardom”, “1st Date (Relax its ok)”, “So, so, attractive” and “What I wanna be”. These songs led Poetically Contagious to being a finalist in a “Recording and Performance” contest in NYC (March 2011). That exposure led to Poetically Contagious forming a record label – Poetically Contagious Records.

With growing popularity, a National Entertainment magazine (MAMI Magazine) took notice, and requested an interview and photo shoot for their Summer 2011 issue. This interview led to more song-play in clubs, especially with the song “1st Date (Relax its ok)” which led to MAMI Magazine requesting to feature the lyrics from the song in their Fall 2011 issue.

Music video directors began to take notice, and when approached by the label in 2012, Edward Mendoza from Los Angeles, California was very excited to shoot Poetically Contagious Record’s first major music video, and flew out to New York to shoot “Time to get that Cash”. When this video was released in Fall 2012, radio stations all across the U.S. begin to take notice and asked the label to do a remix to the song. “Time to get that Cash (Remix)” was released in June 2013, along with the rerelease of the music video. The song made it to the “Top 200 National Radio Charts” peaking at number 187.

Poetically Contagious has been working hard in the studio ever since, bringing into the label artist such as “Lil Dice” and “Shardkeith”. They have also been working with producers such as “Tony the Maestro”, “Beatslocker.com” and “Nine Diamond” to put together a great album for old and new fans alike.