Vancouver, BC - Hip Hop

Rapper Cole Goodwin was able to turn his entire life around from an intense struggle with the grip of addiction to what is now a confident grip on the microphone & his music career. Boldly drawing from his own life experience and using his spectacularly versatile talent for the betterment of the people & our society as a whole – the self-professed apologist, stylistic fashion designer, and motivational speaker embraces everything he does and every moment for all it’s true potential, taking it all to that next-level by in-turn inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves.

Fully capable of singing his own hooks and rappin’ hot bars on every set of sixteens he can find, his video releases and tracks are racking up thousands-upon-thousands of hits/views online. As Cole redefines what people think they know about Faith-based music into an altogether fresh perspective with genuine swagger and a wild, confident, & charismatic signature style of his own design, he brings a serious twist of exciting fusion that powerfully bridges the gap between Rap/R&B and Christianity like never before.

With stunning original lead-singles “Rhyme Engine” and “Secondhand” already proving to the world that this singer/songwriter/rapper/artist is ready to preach the good word in a way the people out there will truly hear – Goodwin speaks his truth and nothing but at all times. Built of integrity, faith, love and the immaculate ability to genuinely connect to everyone willing to listen – Cole Goodwin spits rhymes that are 100% completely relevant for the sound of right now, and a cut above the rest of the competition.